Cturt, working a 80% and a friend team get stably through iks have on all the programming pointing.

And for our users, we will be the first to publish the solution.


After multiple failures, our partners friends of cturt put to the test all his skill as a personal challenge of this medium of entertainment, because of all the encryption in their process of security (NAGRA) we had been wrapped in constant power outages.the team of developers in an effort to provide a prompt solution put our service a pack of updates for our download from your VPS SERVER and HOSTING with a list of supported devices:




1st place: FreeSky / mark has not diminished in the first position, seems increasinglydifficult losing the first position in our list, continues with the server more appliances of high and stable quality and seems to be one step ahead of other brands




2nd place: Tocomsat / second position also remains the same, rarely seen at the request of support for models of the brand in times ON dongles is rare, Crypto is a safety device that the brand was one of the few that was firm and strong, even processed brand appliances are Dobbies, even better than many original devices.




3rd place: Duosat / brand is without a doubt one of the best, only that it was a good time unstable in the first fortnight of December of last year, especially in the premiere, but since then he has shown that he woke up again.



4 er Cinebox, is stable, champion of the installation of many installers for their stability and good price, and low maintenance,




Fifth position: Az America, the brand is one of the firm and strong pioneer market in contrast to its rival Az Box was going to play background enters with a promising launch year, the S2005 is that, even in 3D, but has left unsupported models.




Sixth Neonsat, the brand begins in 2015 with the right foot, as the 3rd place provided key Amazon 61W, and since your equipment of good quality stability improved.




Seventh place: Globalsat, has very good stability in some Ex: Gs111 and 300 Gs, butanother does not have the same performance in another Ex: GS400




Relatively new brand on the market but with few models released, but it has today if not the best of the best in the market of Petra Android devices, does not have its own brand Server uses server FreeSky, but this promise brand.




Ninth Megabox, the brand continues with the good work and support average, but outdated.




10 position EvolutionBox, the brand does not leave users in hand, support to all its models, to set up a great player.


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